Earn Fees

Mine fees by participating in the mixing!

Each user that joins a ring by sending a private transaction gets to share any fees that may be attached to that ring. A portion of the fees goes to eosBlender to finance the project.

Fees are split among ring members according to a decreasing function: earlier ring participants get a slightly higher portion of the pot!

Mine the eosioblender contract and look for rings with fees already available. By joining those rings you will help other users to mix their transactions and get rewarded for your support in the process!

Adding fees

Users can add fees to their private transfers in order to attract other participants and speed up the ring completion. Use the ‘add fee’ command on the frontend panels to attach fees to your current transaction.

Alternatively, any amount of fees can be added by simply sending an eosio transfer with memo “fees for ring n. ” + the target ring number. For example:

cleos -u https://eos.greymass.com push action eosio.token transfer ‘{“from”:”YOUR_ACCOUNT”, “to”:”eosioblender”, “quantity”:”0.0500 EOS”, “memo”:”fees for ring n. 1″}’ -p YOUR_ACCOUNT@active