Private Transfers

  1. Deposit
  2. Wait for ring completion
  3. Privately claim

Specify the name of the receiver and the deposit amount for the private transfer. A passphrase is required to generate the transaction keys and signature. 

Note that the receiver name and passphrase will not be revealed in the transaction. A cryptographic key (RSA 1024 bits) will be sent to the blockchain and assigned to your deposit. Only the same combination of receiver, amount and passphrase will provide the correct signature to unlock the deposit. Choose a secure passphrase and be sure to store all inputs and keep them somewhere safe.

Each deposit will be automatically added to the next available ring. A number of 10 participants is required to complete each ring before the corresponding deposits can be claimed.

You can add fees to attract users and get the ring completed.

The fees sent to a specific ring will be split among all ring participants.