Private Transfers – Deposit

(requires scatter)

Specify the name of the receiver and the amount you want to deposit for the private transfer. A transaction memo must be specified to reinforce privacy protection.

Admitted amounts are restricted to 1, 5, 10, 50 or 100 EOS.
Does this mean that you can only use private transfers for those exact amounts? No.
You can create a new anonymous account, use a private transaction to load it with a fixed rounded-up amount (say 10 or 50 EOS). At this point, you can use this anonymous account to make payments of any amount which will not be linked to your primary account.

Note that the receiver name, amount and memo will not be publicly disclosed. In fact, the transaction’s data will be recorded on the blockchain in form of cryptographic hash values that only the smart contract can decrypt when the receiver claims the funds.


If anything goes wrong, if the receiver’s name was misspecified or the memo forgotten, the sender can always call for a refund of an unclaimed, previously deposited amount.