Private EOS transactions

The first fully-decentralized transaction mixer service


Removes transaction's traceabilty while inheriting all the other key features from the EOSIO blockchain protocol


Deposit a given amount for a specific receiver who can then claim it from the smart contract


The EOSIO authorization system combined with the EOSIO-Lock technology ensures that only intended receivers can take control of the funds deposited

How it works

eosBlender aims to make transactions safer and untraceable. It’s a service that mixes different streams of potentially identifiable EOSIO payments. This improves the anonymity of token transfers while contributing towards privacy over internet transactions.

1. The sender deposits a given amount of EOS on the eosioblender smart contract and assigns the deposit to a specific receiver.

2. The receiver can then activate a claim action for the same amount and receive the corresponding transfer from the smart contract.  

The sender’s payment gets mixed with that of other users in the eosioblender account. The transaction data is not publicly disclosed. In fact, the name of the receiver and amount of the transfer are temporarily recorded in form of cryptographic hash values that only the smart contract can decrypt when the receiver claims the funds.

The protocol eliminates the explicit link between the original transaction and the receiver address. At the same time, it maintains the same security properties of the EOSIO token transfers.

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