Secure cryptographic model based on Ring Signatures and RSA encryption

Makes EOS transactions safer and untraceable by mixing different potentially identifiable transfers into a common ring signature transfer

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Deposit your funds on the contract and join a ring transfer

Each new deposit will initiate a new ring transfer or will get included in an existing one having the same amount.

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When the ring is complete you can claim the deposit and privately transfer to the receiver

A ring is complete when it reaches ten members.
You can add fees to attract other users and speed up the ring completion process

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Earn fees by joining the program

Send private transactions and join available rings to help other users in mixing their transfers: the fees attached to each ring will be split among all ring participants once the required number of ten members is reached

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Send private transfers to anonymous accounts

The anonymous account feature may be used to create a new account which will not be linked to your original account: the deposit will be transferred to the new account with a private transaction

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